How to Be Bold As a Lion

Devotions That Fill the Brain and Body with Light
How to Have Courage to Say No to Pornography

Devotionals for Men and Women;

These Devotions Cause Lasting Change.

Proverbs 28:1

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

Have you ever notice after viewing pornography, you become fearful over things you once had confidence doing?

I did. I remember getting ready to start a business. I was jazzed and ready to go. I was enthused; but then, I viewed porn.

The days following, I became extremely fearful of every possible perceived failings.

I didn’t start that business. Some would say, “It wasn’t meant to be.” Maybe, maybe not.

Looking back, I believe it was. I am correcting how I view life and God. My courage is coming back.

“Happy is the man who reverences God always.”–Richard Arthur

Read Proverbs 28:14. 

Having a deep, profound reverence for God makes you bold as a lion.



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In the year 1971 I became a store manager at age 19. I discovered I had a gift for mentoring. I gave one on one coaching, instruction and teaching with ease. And, I loved it. However, I had a problem that held me back from achieving my full potential. I was addicted to porn. When I was going through my puberty years in life, I found pornography (adult magazines) in my Dad's closet. I was hooked. I had my ups and downs throughout my life: Ups, when I was off of porn and using my gift: and, Downs, when I was using porn. Porn captured my attention, holding me back. I found the secrets to breaking free from porn. Like anyone else, I have to work at keeping my emotions positive, every day, to stay free. Limiting emotions--fear, doubt, hate, lust, sloth, pride, any emotion that kills joy. Joy is the ultimate weapon against porn. You have it; porn loses its hold on you. I dedicate this blog to those who are looking for ways to end pornography in their life. To Your Peace, Power and Plenty, Dale P.S. The picture above is not me. The photo represents all families free from pornography.

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2 thoughts on “How to Be Bold As a Lion”

  1. I think we sabotage ourselves on a few levels. Spiritually, emotionally, subconsciously. The natural result would be fear and un-ease with our present would it not. We would be nursing guilt and causing a ripple in the spirit realm. Wonder what God actually does…. does he back away from us? Have we put up a wall between him and us thus creating distance? Have angels withdrawn and dark forces moved closer?

    Answers not as important as the fact we are in some manner diminished or hindered.

    Are we sure this is what we want to sign up for? I for one don’t wish to.



  2. Thank you, Chaz.

    I enjoy your thoughts.
    Great questions, you bring up some interesting points.

    I wonder if it’s all connected. Emotions tell us what’s going on spiritually and subconsciously.

    I like how you describe fear and un-ease.

    Could fear cause the un-ease? Or, could “un-ease” feelings let us know when our energy isn’t attuned to God’s energy, spiritually speaking.

    These are interesting thoughts to ponder.

    Thanks again.



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