Pornography: Introducing 6 Sensory Connectors

After you read this short poem,

you will experience optimism.

Hope: Stephen Morris, Author

Six Sensory Connectors to Hope

If hope could be a color

It would be an emerald

As radiant green as one could possibly see

If hope could be a taste

it would taste just like a sweet pomegranate

If hope could be a smell

it would be a fresh dawn

If hope could be a sound

it would be a washing rain

If hope could be a feeling

it would be peaceful rest

If hope could be an animal

it would be a camel

© D. R. Criswell

Copy these words. Carry them with you.

When sexual triggers tempt you, read these words and feel hope.

Think on these words for 15 minutes. The cravings will leave you.  




Psalm 71: 14, 15

14 But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

15 My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof. (King James Version, KJV, public domain)


Morris, S. (2013, May 27). Emerald. Retrieved from

Published by: curepornaddiction

In the year 1971 I became a store manager at age 19. I discovered I had a gift for mentoring. I gave one on one coaching, instruction and teaching with ease. And, I loved it. However, I had a problem that held me back from achieving my full potential. I was addicted to porn. When I was going through my puberty years in life, I found pornography (adult magazines) in my Dad's closet. I was hooked. I had my ups and downs throughout my life: Ups, when I was off of porn and using my gift: and, Downs, when I was using porn. Porn captured my attention, holding me back. I found the secrets to breaking free from porn. Like anyone else, I have to work at keeping my emotions positive, every day, to stay free. Limiting emotions--fear, doubt, hate, lust, sloth, pride, any emotion that kills joy. Joy is the ultimate weapon against porn. You have it; porn loses its hold on you. I dedicate this blog to those who are looking for ways to end pornography in their life. To Your Peace, Power and Plenty, Dale P.S. The picture above is not me. The photo represents all families free from pornography.

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