Pornography: How to Lose Your Child to a Lover

She didn’t know what to do.  Her mother’s boyfriend had been tickling her.  It seemed inappropriate.  After putting up with it for several weeks, she told her mother.   She seemed upset.  Is she angry with me?

Mother said, “It’s harmless. He is just trying to make you feel comfortable with him.”
Mother Knew She Didn’t Understand

She thought: My daughter is overreacting.

Later, she told her teenager that she would have a talk with him.  The talk never came, and time turned into events.

He fought with his porn addiction and wanted to change but was powerless.  Every day, he spent more and more time looking for something new.  His highs became lows.  He found a site that claimed that all the porn stars were 18 and older.  Yet, everyone seemed 16 and younger.  Immediately entering the site, he had an intense high.  Later, his tickling antics progressively worsen to new places.

The teenager didn’t know what to do.  Her mother really loved him.  Pondering: Well, I will tell him to stop.

He laughed and said that he was only teasing.  He liked her.  Powerlessness overtook him, once again.

The Pledge;

When we witness abuse,

We will speak out.


Proverbs 13:21

Evil pursues sinners.

 A good man flees the resemblance of evil.

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In the year 1971 I became a store manager at age 19. I discovered I had a gift for mentoring. I gave one on one coaching, instruction and teaching with ease. And, I loved it. However, I had a problem that held me back from achieving my full potential. I was addicted to porn. When I was going through my puberty years in life, I found pornography (adult magazines) in my Dad's closet. I was hooked. I had my ups and downs throughout my life: Ups, when I was off of porn and using my gift: and, Downs, when I was using porn. Porn captured my attention, holding me back. I found the secrets to breaking free from porn. Like anyone else, I have to work at keeping my emotions positive, every day, to stay free. Limiting emotions--fear, doubt, hate, lust, sloth, pride, any emotion that kills joy. Joy is the ultimate weapon against porn. You have it; porn loses its hold on you. I dedicate this blog to those who are looking for ways to end pornography in their life. To Your Peace, Power and Plenty, Dale P.S. The picture above is not me. The photo represents all families free from pornography.

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